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For those of you who have enjoyed our shark feeding dives, but would like to get a little closer, we have developed our “Shark Feeder Experience” program.  Where else would you have the opportunity to don a chain mail suit, grab a tube of dead fish, then feed up to 20 Caribbean reef sharks in the open ocean? 

Candidates should have participated in 2 of our shark feeding dives, or have equivalent experience with sharks. It is important that your diving skills are at a level where you are completely comfortable in the water, our staff will evaluate you, and we reserve the right to recommend further training or experience before letting you feed the sharks for yourself. We require that feeder candidates demonstrate a responsible attitude, and follow our advice to  minimize the chance of injury to the feeder or spectators, unnecessary aggravation of the sharks, or damage to the suit. Of course, candidates must be certified scuba divers and at least 18 years old.
Photos From Shark Alley by
Marius Gjersvik & Ray Lightbourne
Course Schedule:
The first dive takes place at Shark Alley, and is a chance for the candidate to get used to moving in the chain mail suit, observing one of our feeders in action at close range, start to physically interact with the sharks, and even feed your first couple of fish. During the second dive, the candidate takes over as principal feeder with one of our staff members accompanying them to offer advice as needed.

Both of these dives involve a thorough briefing/debriefing session from your feeder trainer, which will quickly share with you the collective knowledge and techniques of successive shark feeders on Grand Bahama Island since 1988.  If both you and your trainer believe you are ready, you will now be able to take part in the “graduation Dive” where you will feed the sharks in front of a group of divers, just like our regular shark feeding dive.  We will take photos and video at various times during the program, which will be presented to you on DVD after the final dive.
Course Price:
We charge $800.00 for the full day, 3 dives program, or $650.00 if you decide you’ve had enough after the 2 training dives.
We only do the Shark Feeder Program on request. Please email us minimum one week ahead of your arrival to make reservation.
We apologize, but this course is unavailable at this time. Thank you..